OSB (Owl Student Body) 

This class is responsible for planning many of the school activities we have on campus, morning announcements, Spirit and Red Ribbon Week, National Charter Schools Week, the school-wide reading program, the Talent Show, and the school assemblies. Students must earn high grades in their classes (as they are pulled from class on occasion to organize activities). Students must be willing to speak in front of an audience and must be leaders on campus.

Please contact Mrs. Montgomery for more information. 



This course is designed to teach the skills necessary to produce the school yearbook, which offers a complete record of an entire school year. The year begins by planning the coverage for the school year and designing a unifying theme for the book. Students will study magazine journalism including layout and design techniques, writing and editing copy, headlines, and picture captions. This course provides the study of and practice in gathering and analyzing information, interviewing, note taking, and photography. Students will learn strategies of planning, marketing (ad sales) and distribution of the yearbook. Students will learn proofing strategies and work independently with photographers. At times, deadlines require that staff members work after school, on weekends, and holidays. Students will learn good work habits and are responsible for all phases of yearbook publication.

Please contact Mr. Osak for more information.  


Construction Crafts

This course will be project based, and is designed to provide students the necessary skills to accomplish hands-on activities and crafts. Students will make or fashion with skill and dexterity. Projects will be both individual and collectively, giving learners an opportunity to access artistic expression and leadership skills at the same time. 

Please contact Mr. Laney for more information. 


Step Up

Step Up Youth Challenge provides an opportunity for middle school students to complete a project that will have a positive impact on their school and community. 

Please contact Mrs. Brazil for more information. 


Young Authors' Faire

Young Authors' Faire offers budding writers in grades K-8 an opportunity to have their books read by others. The books, which are written by students, are on display for a week at the Tulare County Office of Education. 

Please contact Mrs. Brazil for more information. 


Foundations for Life

Foundations for Life is a national, maxim-based essay contest for middle school students to reflect upon, express, and commit to profound and enduring truths. Locally, schools enter their student's best essays in the annual Tulare County competition. 

Please contact Mrs. Brazil for more information. 



The VLCS Garden is maintained by the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students who choose the gardening elective that meets on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:10-4pm.  We plant fruits and vegetables, tend to them to help them grow, and harvest them to enjoy together (sometimes making yummy recipes with our farm-to-table ingredients!).

Please contact Mrs. Travis for more information. 


Textile Arts

Students will complete projects that include sewing, cross-stitch, crochet, yarn art, friendship bracelets, and lots of other projects using fabric and related items.  The students in this group are responsible for sewing the bases for the class flags for the whole school!  Our other big project this year will be creating a 7 Habits themed quilt to display for Leadership Day.

Please contact Mrs. Travis for more information. 


Spelling Bee

Students in grades 4-8 will compete in the Valley Life spelling bee in January. The top two competitors will move to the Tulare County Spelling Bee in February. 

Please contact Mrs. Brazil for more information. 



Showstoppers is a song and dance team that meets once a week after school. Taste the Arts, Kids Fest, and  school assemblies are a few events we have performed for. We strive to represent Valley Life's mission of Leadership and the Performing Arts. And, of course, have fun while doing it!

Please contact Mrs. Canterbury for more information. 


Peach Blossom

The purpose of the Peach Blossom Festival is to encourage elementary school children to gain knowledge and appreciation of literature through oral interpretation. This even takes place annually at CSU, Fresno.  The children that attend are from all areas of the Central Valley and may someday be students here.  Past festivals have accommodated up to 6000 children.  Students will have a choice to perform individually or as part of a small group. Students grade 2nd through 5th may attend. (Signing up for this program is a commitment to attend the festival in March)  Students need to attend weekly practice and be prepared for their performance. We will begin meeting mid January and meet once a week to practice until the festival. 

Please contact Mrs. Holland, Mrs. Prull, or Mrs. Newlin for more information. 


Young Author's Faire

Students will have the opportunity to write short stories in book format. They will submit their books to the Tulare County Office of Education where their book will be sealed and displayed at the Young Author's Faire week event. This opportunity is open to third grade from November through February. Meetings and writing sessions will take place once a week during lunch starting in the beginning of November.

Please contact Mrs. Ramirez for more information. 


Reader's Theater 

Reader's Theater is a chance for 2-3rd grade students who love to read and act, to showcase their skills.  Students will practice scripts, put together costumes and props and bring their show to a local nursing home. Reader's Theater will be Tuesdays from4-4:45pm in the month of February.

Please contact Mrs. Tos or Mrs. Johnson for more information. 


Student Art Exhibitions

Students will have the opportunity to showcase their unique artistic talents and abilities by creating original pieces of artwork. Their work will be submitted to the Tulare County Office of Education where it will be displayed at their yearly art show from January 12­ February 27. This opportunity will be open to a select number of kindergarten students and will take place November through December. Meetings will take place on Friday afternoons from 2:15­ 3:00.

Please contact Mrs. Veeh or Mrs. Chase for more information. 


Poetry & Prose

Students present poetry to an audience and judges at this county-wide oral interpretation event.  Oral and written assessments are offered to each student, along with personalized certificates denoting their rank of Superior, Excellent, Very Good and Good. I would like to make this available for students from 1st - 4th grade.  The Poetry and Prose event takes place on March 17 - 19, 24 - 26. Students will meet every Thursdays (starting in January) from 11:15 - 11:55 to prepare for the March event. 

Please contact Ms. Florente for more information. 


Tulare County Tech Challenge (One Day Event)

This challenge is a competition where middle and high school students will be given a task or topic to research and create their project on-site. Students will sign up for one of many technology challenges: create an online interactive poster, animated presentation, infographic, iMovie book trailers, Google map trips, and more.  We will be doing several of these activities in tech class for preparation. 

Please contact Mr. Osak for more information


Cowboy Poetry (One Day Event)

Sixteen 4th and 5th grade learners will attend a Cowboy Poetry event. This event provides the opportunity for students to hear poetry, songs and campfire stories from special presenters, enhancing their study of American campfire stories from special presenters, enhancing their study of American History. 

Please contact Mrs. Fonseca for more information.