All of our staff can be reached by using the first letter of their first name and their entire last name, followed by


Lori Lackey - Superintendent/Principal

Stephen McMahon - Assistant Principal, Akers

Staci Brazil - Assistant Principal, Walnut 


Program Directors

Darcie Young - Independent Study

Lori Budz - After School Program


 Board of Trustees  

Terri Martindale - President

Dave Humerickhouse

Sharon Jansma

Jim Williams

Michelle Atkins - Parent Board Member


 Foundation Board

Natalie Caudle 

Nancy Driver

Diane Roderos 

Staci Brazil

Lori Lackey

     Pat Chapa    

Jessica Scott


Office Staff

Melissa Hernandez - Human Resources

David Gonzales - Technology

Gorette Baker - Office Manager/Registrar, Walnut

Jodi Mixer - Reception, Walnut

Lisa Rodgers - Reception, Akers

Jessica Weaver - Registrar, Akers

Darcie Young - Counselor/Independent Study

Karis Hardwick - Counseling

Lori Budz - Testing & Data

Amy Prull - Technology Coach

Sandi Harvey - Food Services, Walnut

Joanne Felix - Food Services, Akers

Tina Reyes - LVN

 Natalie Kuhn - Independent Study Administrative Assistant




Jennifer Ramage - Transitional Kindergarten

Erika Ernst - Kindergarten

Carissa Judson - Kindergarten

Natalie Veeh - Kindergarten

Eileen Johnson - First Grade

Jamie Holland - First Grade

Michelle Tos - First Grade

Kim Wallace - First Grade

Derinda Chase - Second

Kristi Martin - Second Grade

Camarie Davies - Second Grade

Margie Florente - Third Grade

Kim Canterbury - Third Grade

April Wind -  Third Grade

Megan Jensen - Fourth Grade

Pegi Hover - Fourth Grade

David Britter - Fourth Grade

Trina Fonseca - Fifth Grade

April Andrade - Fifth Grade

Lianne Mungia - Fifth Grade

Amy Fregoso - Fifth Grade

Dave Laney - Sixth Grade

Brandi Travis - Sixth Grade

Susie Hatcher - Sixth Grade & Orchestra

Sheri Newlin - Sixth Grade

  Middle School 

Carin Lake - ELA /History

Neal Mixter- Math

Barbara Shy - Science

Rob Osak - Technology Coach


Susan Blankenship of Sierra Performing Arts Center - Dance

Linda Gill - Music, Band

Kevin Odell - Music, Performing Arts

Ruth Johnstone - Spanish

David Ibarra - Spanish

John Carmean - Science

Nicole Gaston-Fowler - Science

Shannon Larson - Art

Jessica Richardson - P.E.

Independent Study

Megan Harness

Barbara Oneto

Joanie Shore

Christine Lopes

Karen Nordell

Elly Jo Kelly

Natalie Kuhn


Elementary Instructional/Activities Assistants

Krystal Ponce - RSP

Janelle Holguin - RSP

David Ayala

Pat Chapa

Steffi Yan

Sherrye Brumley

Heather Franco

Carol Janelli

Vanessa Ferre

Antoinette Moore

Jennifer Sigler

Lou Chapa

Kayla Mora

Rosemarie Antuna

Diane Roderos

Deanne Zapasnik - After School

Nate Nishimoto - After School

Hope Baker - After School

Megan Best - After School

 - Tulare County Office of Education Support Staff -

Louise Kenny - RSP

Nikki Mellow - RSP

Todd Canterbury - TCOE Partner Teacher

Melissa Sandman - Clinician

Berenise Velazquez - Clinician

Heidi Ferreira - School Psychologist

Deidra Hernandez - Speech Therapy