All of our staff can be reached by

using the first letter of their first name and their entire last name,

followed by


Lori Lackey - Superintendent/Principal

Stephen McMahon - Assistant Principal, Akers

Staci Brazil - Assistant Principal, Walnut 


Program Directors

Darcie Young - Independent Study

Lori Budz - After School Program

Sandi Harvey - Food Services, Walnut

Joanne Felix - Food Services, Akers


 Board of Trustees  

Terri Martindale - President

Dave Humerickhouse

Sharon Jansma

Jim Williams


 Foundation Board

Natalie Caudle 

Nancy Driver

Diana Roderos

Staci Brazil

Lori Lackey

     Pat Chapa    

Jessica Scott


Office Staff

Melissa Hernandez - Human Resources

David Gonzales - Technology

Gorette Baker - Office Manager/Registrar

Jodi Mixer - Reception, Walnut

Lisa Rodgers - Reception/Health Aide, Akers

Jessica Weaver - Reception, Akers

Nancy Driver - Finance Manager

Lori Budz - Testing & Data

Amy Prull - Technology Coach

Tina Reyes - LVN




Jennifer Ramage - Transitional Kindergarten

Erika Ernst - Kindergarten

Carissa Judson - Kindergarten

Michelle Tos - Kindergarten

Eileen Johnson - First Grade

Kim Wallace - First Grade

Christine Sherill - First Grade

Derinda Chase - Second Grade

Natalie Veeh - Second Grade

Kristi Tejada - Second Grade

Margie Florente - Third Grade

Kim Canterbury - Third Grade

April Wind -  Third Grade

Megan Jensen - Fourth Grade

David Britter - Fourth Grade

April Andrade - Fourth Grade

Trina Fonseca - Fifth Grade

Lianne Mungia - Fifth Grade

Amy Fregoso - Fifth Grade

Dave Laney - Sixth Grade

Brandi Travis - Sixth Grade

Susie Hatcher - Sixth Grade & Orchestra

Sheri Newlin - Sixth Grade

Christine Lopes - Sixth Grade Science

  Middle School 

Carin Lake - ELA /History

Neal Mixter - Math

Barbara Shy - Science

Barbara Oneto - ELA /History

Ruth Johnstone - 7th Grade Homeroom/Spanish


Susan Blankenship of Sierra Performing Arts Center - Dance

Megan Carlton - K-3 Music

Tiffany Sanchez - Band

Devri Lindstrand - Piano Accompanist

Kevin Odell - Music/Performing Arts

Ruth Johnstone - Spanish

David Ibarra - Spanish

John Carmean - Science

Erin Wingert - Art

Ben Dillon - P.E.


Independent Study

Darcie Young - Counselor/Independent Study

Natalie Kuhn -  Assistant

Megan Harness

Barbara Oneto

Joanie Shore

Christine Lopes

Karen Nordell


Elementary Instructional/Activities Assistants

Krystal Ponce - RSP

Janelle Holguin - RSP

Allison Costa - RSP

Maria Garza - RSP

Kyle Cantrell

Camarie Davies

Leslie Hutchings

Jennifer Westmoreland

David Ayala

Pat Chapa

Steffi Yan

Sherrye Brumley

Heather Franco

Carol Janelli

Vanessa Ferre

Antoinette Moore

Lou Chapa

Kayla Mora

Diana Roderos

Nate Nishimoto - After School

Megan Best - After School



Darcie Young - Counseling Director

Karis Hardwick - Counseling - Akers

Margarita Ramirez - Counseling Aide


 Special Education and Intervention Support Staff 

Todd Canterbury - TCOE Partner Teacher

Melissa Sandman - Clinician

Berenise Velazquez - Clinician

Melissa DiMaggio - School Psychologist (K-3)

Olga Gonzales - School Psychologist (4-8)

Deidra Hernandez - Speech Therapy

Jamie Holland - RTI/MTSS Coordinator