Linda Gill




Personal Mission Statement:

Spiritual­: This most important aspect of my mission is to have God be my primary focus in everything I do. This includes thanking God often for the opportunity I have been given to share my love of music in a school that believes music education is important to the growth of children.

Physical­: Music is a physical undertaking. It takes much energy and many different muscles to become a musician and be a musician. For me the goal is to offer the best opportunity to the students to become lifelong musicians physically.

Social/Emotional­: Music touches feelings and emotions words cannot. To bring joy to students through music education is rewarding and challenging. Music involvement can help children to become well adjusted leaders as they learn to be section leaders, group and individual performers, evaluators of each other and themselves they grow socially and emotionally. My goal is to guide my students on this adventure.

Mental­: Music has been part of my life since I can remember. The love and passion I have for music, I want to pass on to each and every student I have. All students can achieve to be a musician, however the goal I have is to allow them to achieve and then expect more. With this challenge, students will achieve more. As a music educator of many different levels, from the very beginner to intermediate levels of musicianship it is important to help students become lifelong self learners. The goal is to have students who can learn to teach themselves, so when they get to the point of wanting to learn a new instrument they have the built in skills necessary.