Janelle Howard


Email: jhoward@vlcs.org


Personal Mission Statement


My three favorite things in life are the sunshine, the stars, and adventure. The sunshine reminds me of the beauty that life offers and the warmth it represents, staying true to myself and helping others do the same. The stars are a reminder of the possibilities life offers and its endlessness, so why not reach for the stars. Life is an adventure and without it life would be dull, it's a reminder to always seek new challenges and grow in everything we do.

My mission is to instill a positive outlook in all people at Valley Life and outside of it. Being a leader in life is interpreted differently by everyone, but I hope to lead by the example I want to represent for others and not lose sight of my "self" while doing so. My job duties are somewhat unique at Valley Life and I am learning to grow in what I do and search for greatness in others.